10-11-19 whats this number 29

This one has a hint of this reporters past as Ben Cowling out of Roca, Neb. submitted this device with the words Tri-Sure New York printed on one side.

This device is still used today in some cases and Crowling does know what it is for those who are are stumped.

This device is apt for Crowling who signs off his email with the tag line “Ol’ Texas Ben.”

Do you have any clue how they’re connected?

Readers, “What’s This?” and why does it work the way it does?

Send your responses by Monday, Sept. 23, to Jager Robinson via email at Jager.Robinson@lee.net or through the postal service at P.O. Box 239, Tekamah, NE 68061.

Be sure to include your hometown, name and age in your responses. Responses will run in the Oct. 25 issue.

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