9-13-19 whats this number 27

A device with a funny name and a unique purpose highlights this round’s “What’s This.”

Sent to us from Marlin Perks of Stockville, Nebraska, the device is 10 and a half inches long and apparently is no longer in use at most farms which should make it a unique challenge for our always inquisitive readers.

The last hint is that this device has been replaced over the years by many things, including simply a farmers own hands and basic tools.

Readers, “What’s This?” and why does it work the way it does?

Send your responses by Monday, Sept. 23, to Jager Robinson via email at Jager.Robinson@lee.net or through the postal service at Midwest Messenger, P.O. Box 239, Tekamah, NE 68061.

Be sure to include your hometown, name and age in your responses. Responses will run in the Sept. 27 issue.

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