What's This? the clinker number 1

In the early years of what was then Midwest Producer, we had a popular feature called “What’s This?” We published old or odd items found on the farms throughout our coverage area. Some of the senders had no clue what the item was. Others knew, but wanted to see if others did.

If not found on the farm, it may be something in a display at one of the many history museums around Nebraska, Kansas and surrounding areas. As the Nebraska editions of Midwest Messenger become weekly publications, we’d like to revive this feature.

Our first item falls under the title of “no clue.”

Roger and Grace Wipf live near Tekamah, Neb., and brought this item into the office. It’s a piece of aged iron, 6 inches wide at the handle (right), and 51 inches long. The 4-inch grapple (left) is rusted closed and there may have been a wooden handle between the collars on the shaft. It’s hard to tell if it was factory-made or produced in some inventive farmer’s shop.

So, What’s This?

Send your ideas to:



Terry Anderson

News Editor

Midwest Messenger

Box 239

Tekamah NE 68061-0239

If you have something and wonder, What’s This?, you can send a photo to either of the addresses above. Include any information you may have, what it’s made of, dimensions, age if known, or anything else that could be a clue.