1-4-19 Whats This number 9 cream separator part

Gerard Weber of Princeton, Kan., has been mulling over the mystery of this object for many a year.

This photo shows a round metal object with the flat bottom screwed into a piece of wood, possibly a 1x10 or 2x10, 17 inches long. The piece of metal has an oval hole that shows some of the wood grain. The base on one side is bent at a 90 degree angle and could be about a quarter inch thick. The circle inside the base is maybe an inch deep and possibly made of a thin piece of tin, and secured after wrapping around two posts.

It would appear to be commercially made and not something that a farmer or blacksmith might have designed. So what do you think its purpose was? Does it have a name? Is it something regional in nature or would it have been used beyond the Midwest and High Plains?

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