We haven’t hit the mailbag for a while, so let’s dig in.

From Jim Angell in David City, Neb.:

I would like to share a little information about a place in David City, called BBQ, Burgers and More. The location has been a good place to eat for decades even though the BBQ, Burgers and More is less than two years old.

The place used to be a local bar and hamburger establishment. As the family matured and moved on to retire, a new owner bought the business but did not last long. Several months of being closed went by and then a graduate of David City High School came back to her roots, purchased the building and opened it as a BBQ restaurant. She also has excellent burgers which is what the mature local people all remember.

Diane Bohaty grew up on a farm about seven miles from the location of the restaurant. Diane was active in showing quality beef during the county fairs as she grew up. Now Diane serves BBQ meats, salads and delicious desserts. I would challenge you to stop in and try her outstanding food offerings and review the quality of foods provided.

I honestly believe you would be very impressed it you took the time to check it out. I feel I am qualified to make this recommendation as I have been in this town since 1972. I try to eat at BBQ, Burgers and More at least once per week.

From Beth Gaines, eexecutive director of Kansas FFA Foundation Inc., in Manhattan, Kan.

The Windmill is a little restaurant in Spearville, Kan. Clean. Not much in the way of atmosphere. Had a mix of Mexican and American menu. Mario the cook was Hispanic and was very friendly great conversation.

I had the enchiladas and they were very tasty. Saw some burritos at another table and they looked awesome. I would stop again. Bill was under $9.

There’s still a month or so before Easter, the time of year when every restaurant seems to consider itself as having the best fish dish ever made. I’m old enough to remember when we had to have fish EVERY Friday at the school cafeteria because that’s what was made.

Now that I’m older and making my own dinner calls, I can go anywhere and eat whatever I want (some of it actually good for my diabetic diet). It might be fish, but doesn’t have to be.

What a rebel!

For those who are looking for a good fish place, on a Friday or any day of the week, where do you recommend and why? Fill my inbox with your recommendations. Send them to terry.anderson@lee.net.