Victory Renewables celebrates the opening of their new biodiesel blending facility in Garden City, Kan. The site has diesel and biodiesel allowing fuel suppliers to load biodiesel blends from five to 100 percent. The biodiesel will be sourced from BQ-9000 certified plants, assuring high quality biodiesel.

Biodiesel is a renewable alternative to diesel fuel, often blended into petroleum diesel fuel in blends of five to 20 percent. Biodiesel has many beneficial properties, including increased lubricity, high cetane, reduced emissions and compatibility with diesel engines and equipment. For these reasons, biodiesel has been growing in popularity throughout Kansas and nationally.

Biodiesel is made from oils found in plants, used cooking oil or animal fats. More than 50 percent of biodiesel produced in the U.S. is made from soybean oil, making this new blending infrastructure a benefit to Kansas soybean farmers. Developing the biodiesel industry in Kansas and nationally is a priority of the Kansas Soybean Commission. Biodiesel infrastructure grant funds were provided by the Kansas Soybean Checkoff to make biodiesel blends available in this part of the state.

Media representatives are invited to the open house to learn more about the new blending infrastructure and the benefits this brings to the state’s economy, energy security and environment. Representatives from Victory Renewables, Kansas Soybean Commission, and MEG Corp will be available to answer questions about the new facility and biodiesel. Lunch is provided by Victory Renewables.

Victory Renewables is a growth-oriented company focused on commodity merchandising, distribution and terminal operation. The company leverages a diverse asset footprint, thorough market knowledge and superior logistics capabilities to drive value for our customers in physical commodity and regulatory credit markets. Victory Renewables, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Conestoga Energy Holdings, a Kansas-based company.