GARDEN CITY, Kan. — The 2019 K-State Southwest Research-Extension Center Fall Field Day is set for Aug. 22 at 4500 E. Mary Street in Garden City. Registration and industry booths open at 8 a.m.; the program starts at 9:15 a.m.

The morning features field tours, followed by lunch. Afternoon seminars start at 1 p.m.

Field Tour 1:

• Weed control in irrigated corn — Randall Currie, weed scientist.

• Performance tests of summer annual forages: Sorghum, Sudan, Millet and Corn — John Holman, cropping systems agronomist.

Field Tour2:

• Maximizing irrigation efficiency — Jonathan Aguilar, extension water resource engineer.

• Weed control in irrigated grain sorghum — Vipan Kumar, weed scientist.

• Options for control of Starane-resistant kochia — Vipan Kumar, weed scientist.

The tours will be repeated so attendees can participate in both.

After lunch seminars include:

• Bt corn refuges review: What’s working and what’s not — Sarah Zukoff, extension entomologist.

• Beneficial insects on your farm and how to keep them happy — Sarah Zukoff, extension entomologist.

• Herbicides and a wheat cover crop for kochia control in corn — Randall Currie, weed scientist.

• Multiple herbicides-resistant kochia: Where are we and where are we going? — Vipan Kumar, weed scientist.

Commercial agricultural product displays will be available through the day.

More information about the 2019 field day is available by calling 620-276-8286.