Salina, Kan.

We’ve had some good working weather here the past couple of weeks. We had a little cold snap for a day or two but no measurable rain to slow us down. The guys have been in the fields running burn-downs and will continue to do so for a while. There are lots of acres to cover. We loaded out more soybeans from our bag storage, and we managed to get all our cows preg-checked and worked and ready to go to summer grass.

The next few weeks will include more burn-downs and maybe some corn planting. Rain is forecasted for us at the end of this week, so we will wait and see on the corn planting. We will probably wait until after the rain. We will also be running our pasture fences and finishing up servicing the tractors and air-seeders.

When Katy sent out the progress report reminder, she informed us that they had secured a replacement for us. We were only supposed to do reports for a year but were happy to continue as long as they needed to find someone new. I must admit that I am a little sad as I sit down to write this last report. It has been such a neat experience! From the people that have stopped Bill and myself around Salina to our landlords that live states away, everyone has been so nice and supportive. It really has been fun to share our daily grind with all of you.

We appreciate all our guys here that work so hard every day with us, and we look forward to the next generation joining our operation and continuing what our great-grandpa started so many years ago!

Thank you all for reading our reports. It’s been fun!

Local commodity basis level: Cargill in Salina: wheat, .10; milo, -.40; corn, -.23; soybeans, -.95. — Darcy Bradley