Berryton, Kan.

We received just about 2 inches of rain yesterday (Sunday). It was a very timely rain. The heat this past week was coming just as our May-planted corn was shooting tassels. Yet again, I can’t really allow myself to feel like I was in a bad place with the heat and only 11 days since our last rain. We had a good rain on July 3-4, with almost 2 inches in that event. The soil still had plenty of moisture when looking below the hardened dry surface layer, and this rain just got us back to a very good place for where we are on the calendar.

At this point, everything is looking pretty good. We aren’t hurting for moisture. We don’t have much in the way of disease or insect problems yet. The only real issue in front of me is that our May-planted corn was hit by a good strong wind about 10 days ago and roughly 5-10 percent of the stand snapped off as it approached tassel, with some fields worse than others. It is what it is, and considering the issues all around, it’s a minor problem. It’s not worthy of complaining about.

It’s hard to believe that the county fair is starting this week and we still have not finished post-spraying beans. There is only about 150 acres left to go that weren’t in rye. That’s a half-day job, and I expect we will get that done before the week is over.

Looking at the beans in the rye, with this rain, we should be getting a very good canopy in those fields soon. The plants in the rye are reaching well for light and doing a better job of creating a canopy than plants seeded in just corn stubble. Weed pressure is still light in the rye. Most of the weeds are in the first 60 feet around the field, which is where they would normally be anyway.

Basis has not moved from last week: Corn is +.20, beans are -.65, and hard red wheat is -.15. The new crop harvest basis bid for corn has tightened to -.22 from -.30 earlier in the spring. — Ryan Johnson