Berryton, Kan.

It has been a relatively slow couple of weeks for us. The intermittent rains kept our May-planted corn from drying down as quickly as it could have without it.

There has been no progress on corn for nearly two weeks. That allowed us to get a few projects and repairs completed that had been waiting.

On the plus side, soybean harvest started this past weekend. The early returns are looking pretty good for yields. Our first few fields were planted to a 3.8 variety that were our best beans last year.

So far, yields are exceeding anything from last year during the drought. We haven’t covered enough acres for me to make a prediction on final results.

With the weather forecast looking good this week, we hope to harvest a good portion of the beans. If things go exceptionally well, we may run ahead of what is ready to cut, but that’s unlikely after the freeze Friday night.

The May corn is very nearly ready now since it has stayed dry since the middle of last week. We can switch back to corn if we have an opening.

Besides harvest getting into high gear, our family has a lot going on. Two cousins are getting married this month, and we have a milestone birthday party for one of our parents. Add to that our baby due next month, and we have as full of a schedule as I can recall. – Ryan Johnson