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4-H alumni, supporters, and friends of the 4-H community are encouraged to participate in this year’s Raise Your Hand voting challenge to support their local and state 4-H programs.

During Raise Your Hand, individuals vote for their state 4-H program to win cash prizes, which go toward club funds for the winning states. This funding helps more kids in their communities benefit from the hands-on learning programs 4-H offers, helping kids serve their community and build critical life skills needed to thrive.

Vote for your state and the three states with the highest ratio of hands raised to total state population will win $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 to bring local 4-H programs to more kids. To cast a vote for your state, go to https://4-h.org/ and click on the Raise Your Hand “Vote now” link on the homepage.

Raise Your Hand participants must be 13 years old or older, and votes will be accepted until midnight on May 15, 2019.

In the 2018 Raise Your Hand initiative, Nebraska placed second with 14,115 votes, and Kansas, third, with 10,020 votes. Ohio won the sweepstakes with a total of 17,778 votes.