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Feedlot Facts

Feedlot Facts

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Cattle water tank

Maintaining a water tank takes time, but it also allows time to check on cattle.

Most cattle producers fully understand the importance of water. After all, providing an adequate supply of clean, fresh water is the cornerstone of animal husbandry and there are very few things that compare to the feeling of finding thirsty cows grouped around a dry tank.

Water is important and, in situations where the water supply is limited or water is being hauled (i.e. grazing crop residues), one of the first questions we find ourselves asking is “how much water do those cows need”? The old rule of thumb is that cattle should consume 1-2 gallons of water per 100 pounds of bodyweight.

Water consumption increases linearly as ambient temperature increases above 40° Fahrenheit such that cows require an additional gallon of water for every 10-degree increase in temperature.

Additionally, lactation also directly increases the amount of water required by beef cows. The table below summarizes the daily water requirements of beef cows of several different body weights, milk production levels and ambient temperatures (Adapted from Spencer, 2016).

“How Much Water Do Those Cows Need?”

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