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Late-season Soybean Diseases
At this point in the growing season,

Like SDS, the stem rot fungus infects roots

Yield implications for these diseases can

virguliforme infection. Growers should

farmers should be keeping an eye

early in the season, but symptoms of

range from moderate to severe, depending

utilize soy b e a n va rieties th at a re

local Pioneer sales representative

o ut for late-season diseases th at

vascular system damage usually appear

greatly on field conditions. Stem canker

resistant to soybean cyst nematode.

or visit Pioneer® agronomy at

can impact yield. Throughout eastern

in midsummer, during reproductive

can cause yield losses of 30 bushels per

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) has been

South Dakota, growers will see a lot of

development. Severity and incidence

acre or more. Fields affected by SDS

associated with higher incidence of SDS,

Brown Stem Rot (BSR) and Stem Canker.

of brown stem rot is greatest when soil

can experience yield losses of up to 50%.

meaning fields experiencing SCN are
highly susceptible to SDS. Growers should

In some wet ter areas, growers will

moisture is near field capacity, which is

experience Sudden Death Syndrome

also optimal for crop development.

(SDS) of soybeans. SDS is a root-rotting

The prevalence of stem canker depends

diseases. Fungicides encourage a

organism that affects soybeans early

on the amount of rainfall received during

healthy root system while guarding

in the season. However, above-ground

the early stages of soybean growth.

against infection. For SDS especially,

problematic fields last and consider

symptoms occur much later when the

The fungus produces many tiny spores on

ILeVO ® fungicide/nematicide is a seed

improving drainage, reducing

fungus produces a toxin that damages

soybean debris, and the spores are carried

treatment that has proven to protect

compaction and evaluating tillage

the leaves.

by splashing rain to healthy soybeans.

soy b e a n se e d l i n gs f ro m Fusa ri u m

systems in those particular fields.

Fungicides and seed treatments are
recommended for combating these

also plant varieties with high tolerance

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