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Corn and Ethanol Organizations’ evil drug deal with the auto/EPA/
big oil/ Russia/Iran cabal: “E30’s illegal for standard autos”
Obviously is the cabal’s (still including SD corn) business plan
to fatally demonize much safer ethanol that is EPA approved for
vent less home fireplaces. Ethanol does not contain or produce
petroleum exhaust molecules identical to cigarette smoke’s most
poisonous molecules. The cabal also denies SD’s early nineties
research proving all autos are flexible fuel vehicles to at least high
94 octane, low carbon E30 plus blends and continues to do so.
All this severely limits ethanol’s market share, unnecessarily kills
and maims our children costing annually hundreds of $billions
and annually transfers hundreds of $billions from the people’s
agriculture to big oil interests including Russia, Iran etc....
“Come on guys where’s your sense of humor” Dan Iseminger
SDCGA+SDCUC’S CEO for the first eight years. (opinion) I am
Orrie Swayze founding vice then president of SDCGA+SDCUC+
reported main author of SD’s pipeline tank inspection fee: codified
law 34A-13-20 in place still today collecting approximately $14
M annually. Pictured is SD’s very successful, popular unmodified
1990 GM Corsica running on low cost at least 30 percent ethanol’s
significantly much higher oxygen content gaining more complete
combustion’s 94 octane more power and many, many trillions
fewer tailpipe exhaust molecules identical to cigarette smoke’s
most poisonous benzene related molecules. And it was nation’s
first road test flexible-fuel vehicle at work in DC. It shattered oil’s
myths that ethanol’s E30 plus blends ruin engines.

The first factory designated flex-fuel vehicles (Now rapidly being
phased out) did not appear until after 1996 or several years after
many thousands of intellectually curious SD big vision leaders/
others had already traveled many millions of trouble free miles
using E30 plus blends in obviously non factory designated flexiblefuel vehicles and continue to. Reference Dan’s remarkable role:
see Google: Merle Anderson (97) half E85
At SD Glacial Lakes Energy’s recent annual meeting Governor Kristi
Noem informed GLE members about the state’s role supporting
GLE’s and other key documented research proving standard auto
engines are identical to flexible fuel vehicle engines operating on
at least E30. Obviously big oil’s cabal fake news business plan is
to fatally demonize such research and those supporting it now
including Governor Noem. Our enemy is us? Tragically evil are
the only words that can describe why nearly all corn and ethanol
organizations have joined oil interests to claim E30’s illegal for
standard autos and support government’s new contested law
directing optimal E16-E50 blends are illegal for all autos. Their
insane business plan!! Skeptical? Simply call their offices and
confirm for yourself they have joined oil interests to severely
limit ethanol’s market share by falsely claiming E30’s illegal for
standard autos etc. They fear oil and its partner EPA will sue them
if they say otherwise. Except for GLE fear dominates and truth is

That brings us back to Governor Noem’s encouraging statements
such “Individuals, a child, including a small state can do big
things”. Yet a reminder its pure fantasy to think the SD ethanol
Industry was simply born out of blue: In 1984 SD big vision leaders
knew the buck stops here or the responsibility to end the SD
economy’s devastation caused by embargo’s high oil prices etc:
They knew SD was transferring its wealth to foreign owned oil
interests, poisoning our own children with oil’s poisonous tailpipe
emissions and forcing SD son’s and daughters to fight oil wars.
Their legislated perfect, profitable business plan demonstrates to
the nation a proven pathway to end our prohibitively expensive oil
SD created a national precedent or set a “tank inspection fee of a
penny/gallon on SD imported oil collected at the pipeline dedicated
to gaining dollars to successfully incent investors to build our
competing billion plus gallon ethanol/protein production industry.
That law is still in place today and those dollars to $1M must begin
to advertise the truth: including new conspicuous gasoline pump
with your dealer+Glacial Lakes Energy E30 Challenge) and other
radio and news paper ads advertising all auto owners’ best value,
more power, safest, lowest cost purchase is E30 plus blends etc
with disclaimer check with your dealer. And again SD will continue
be the leader pioneering new ethanol marketing strategies.


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