Seed corn selection

Farmers are looking at all their options for seed selection.  Yield is staying on top as the most important factor.

South Dakota farmers had about three days in the last week to go full-bore at planting work, and corn planting is still far from complete.

The latest crop progress report from USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service put corn planting at 19 percent complete at a time when farmers are a week or two away from the last date corn can be planted to meet crop insurance requirements. Many farmers are considered using prevented planting crop insurance provisions.

At this time last year, corn planting was 60 percent done, and 76 percent is the five-year average. Last week, just 4 percent of the crop was in.

Soybean planting is just getting started. About 4 percent of the state's bean crop is in the ground, compared to 21 percent last year and 39 percent average.

Winter wheat condition declined by a few points to 54 percent good, 7 percent excellent, 34 fair, 4 poor and 1 percent very poor.

Spring wheat planting work was 70 percent complete while the average is 94 percent. About 29 percent of the crop had emerged this year. Last year saw 58 percent of the crop out of the ground by now, and the average is 72 percent.

Oats planted was at 61 percent, well behind 90 last year and 93 average. Emerged was 29 percent, well behind 65 last year and 79 average.

Sorghum planted was 1 percent, well behind 24 last year, and behind 17 average.

Topsoil moisture supplies rated 52 percent adequate and 48 surplus. Subsoil

moisture supplies rated 1 percent short, 60 adequate, and 39 surplus.

Pasture and range conditions rated 51 percent good, 21 excellent, 25 fair and 3 poor.

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