Jerry Mork and Sasha

Jerry Mork and his dog Sasha stand by a newly built grain bin on his Day County farm. Mork said last season was difficult with wet weather and prevented planting acres.

Soybean harvest is just getting started in some areas of northeastern South Dakota with the early planted soybeans.

Many soybean fields are now turning rapidly or are dropping leaves. This will likely accelerate with the warm, dry forecast in place.

Corn as well is rapidly drying down, which will likely lead to a timelier harvest than the previous couple of years. There will not be much of a break between soybean and corn harvest this year with the rapid maturity we are seeing in corn.

We received close to a half inch of rain Sept. 11. Again, the sporadic rains have been very spotty, leaving some areas excessively dry and others adequate for moisture.

Silage chopping has been progressing quite nicely over the last two to three weeks and is now winding down. The weather cooperated quite well for this activity as well.

Along with forage harvesting, hay production has been finishing up. Cover crops are continuing to be planted.

With the growing season coming to a close, a shift to fall harvest preparation is beginning, including grain bin and harvest equipment preparation.

Considering the much-improved growing season we have been blessed with, the need for drying propane should be diminished considerably.

Have a safe and prosperous harvest!

Jerry Mork farms in Day County, South Dakota. His report was submitted Sept. 21.