Silage chopping

Chopped silage is transferred to a truck. 

Silage chopping in northwestern Iowa was in full swing on the first day of fall, and if weather cooperates, crop watcher Rick Moser may break into his fields around Larchwood, Iowa Friday, Sept. 27.

He hand shelled some corn Sept. 21, and it came in at just under 29% moisture. Soybeans were turning colors and dropping leaves.

A few fields would be ready for harvest in the last weekend of September, Moser said, and most will be ready by the first week of October.

Moser heard federal crop adjusted yields ranging from 115 to 208 bushels per acre.

“Variability in the fields sure bears this out,” he said.

At the Moser’s new bin site, electricians were putting on the finishing touches. Landscaping was done, and grass was seeded the week before.

“We continue the final prepping for the upcoming harvest. Be safe everyone!” Moser said.

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