Martey Stewart with sheep

Nebraska rancher Martey Stewart stands in his sheep yard on a cloudy May day.

The grass is a little greener for crop watcher Martey Stewart and his northeastern Nebraska operation both figuratively and literally.

With a Labor Day rain shower, Stewart said the grass is still green the pastures look great and on top of that, many producers in the area have put up a lot of hay with soybeans turning color as he wrote the report.

“Seemed as if spring would never come and now fall is just around the corner. The locust are singing, days are growing shorter and the beans are turning,” Stewart wrote in his report.

Stewart said he saw some silage get cut before the rain picked up again, but imagines most will have to stop for the next week to 10 days as more rain was forecasted for Sept. 9.

On the livestock side of things, he said some producers have started weaning their calf crop while they wait to see how their late-planted cash crops turn out.

“I have to admit fall is my favorite season of the year,” Stewart said. “Praying we are blessed with an extended autumn and growing season.”

While producers wait and ranchers wean, Stewart said that many people are just now clearing out their grain bins for the upcoming harvest. In the spirit of farm safety, Stewart urged producers to not go inside the bins without a safety harness.

“We suffered the loss of a great friend a few years back when corn caved in. It seems to happen far too often across the Midwest,” he said.

Most of all, Stewart said he hopes people can sit back and appreciate the “Friday night lights, change of seasons and the upcoming harvest.”

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