Morogs kettle corn

Crop watchers Tom and Renae Morog pose with one of their favorite State Fair traditions, the kettle corn.

For central South Dakota crop watchers Tom and Renae Morog, the hits keep on coming.

Over the last several weeks, they got another inch of rain but are now forecasted for 2 to 4 inches over the week of Sept. 9. A total 1.3 inches had already fallen on Monday at their St. Lawrence, South Dakota farm.

“It will be a wet fall harvest and a wet spring if fields stay saturated,” Tom wrote.

Even if Morog were to consider harvest at its normal time of middle-to-end of September, he said it’s simply just too wet and too cold to even believe the crops will be ready in time. He said that no silage has been chopped, soybean pods have just begun falling and early planted corn has just dented.

Sunflowers in the area have also begun to lose their yellow petals but have remained green.

As for the wheat, Morog said this is perhaps the latest harvest he’s even seen in the area.

As they wait for warm weather to return, mornings have been in the mid-40s. Morog said they have gotten a bit of spraying done during the dry spell and got a full day in Huron for the South Dakota State Fair.

“The weather was beautiful on Sunday and we enjoyed taking in all the sights, sounds, food, exhibits and entertainment,” Morog said. “Looking ahead we are wondering how difficult it will be to apply fertilizer this fall and what the fields will be like next spring. It could be very challenging with unplanted acres being so saturated.

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