Kenny Weber

Kenny Weber

A perpetually soggy southeastern South Dakota took another hit with rain storms, tornados and flooding in mid-September.

Crop watcher Kenny Weber recorded 5 to 7 inches of rain around his Bridgewater farm, but just west of him, people reported 10 inches. Two weeks later, there was still water on Interstate 90 by the Bridgewater exit. Flood waters took out bridges and culverts.

“Most of the work that was done this summer from townships and the county to rebuild the roads took a giant step backwards, and many of those same areas will need to be replaced again,” Weber said.

For a couple days after the downpour, there was only one way to get east toward Sioux Falls and one way to get south to Freeman due to flooded roads.

Despite the rains, harvest looks like it will start coming together in a couple of places, Weber said. Earlier planted soybeans have turned colors, and some may be ready to combine in the next couple weeks.

“The rest will be a while,” he said. “Thinking middle of October will be a good start date now. Hopefully, crops finish up by then.”

Some producers in the area were starting to chop silage, mostly corn that was planted a little earlier. The fields were looking wet as they cut the corn, Weber said.

Corn to be harvested for grain is still a little milky to almost black layer.

In the coming days, Weber will be making sure the equipment is ready to go for harvest and keeping an eye on the fields.

“First chance we get, we will be trying to get the crop out,” he said.

That depends mainly on the forecast. A couple weeks of dry weather would prompt him to wait a little longer to start harvest, but with more rain predicted, he’d try to get it out of the field beforehand.

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