Jadon and Jonathan Rohrbach

Jonathan Rohrbach and his son Jadon stand in their freshly planted barley field on their Roscoe, S.D., operation. The Rohrbachs are adding crop diversity to help combat weeds and save on inputs.

Haying work progressed and small grain harvest wrapped up in late August in northern South Dakota.

A fairly dry week of Aug. 18 helped crop watcher Jonathan Rohrbach complete his haying and harvest around Roscoe.

Aside from humidity and morning dew, he recorded mostly spotty showers. The evening of Aug. 11 and morning of Aug. 12 brought 0.84 of an inch of rain. He received 0.08 of an inch Aug. 15, 0.12 Aug. 17 and 0.10 the evening of Aug. 25.

Rohrbach was hoping to seed cover crops into his barley stubble in the next week or so.

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