Bischoff planter

Matt Bischoff pulls a planter through a field at his Huron, S.D., farm.

We started planting corn April 29 this year and have mostly wrapped up corn and will start on soybeans this week.

I would say this is close to normal on planting pace for our area and definitely ahead of last year. Last year we finished corn June 8.

We missed the frost and have been lucky enough to dodge the big rains this spring. We are sitting at 1.20” for the month of May.

Our soil profile is definitely full but nothing like last spring. Most fields are being planted, but there are areas that will still have prevent plant from water left from last year.

A good residual and burndown program is going to be important this year to help keep weed pressure down – especially after last year’s lack of control on a lot of the prevent plant acres in the area.

In the next couple weeks we will be finishing up planting and spraying pre-emerge chemicals. On the livestock side of things, we will be getting calves worked and pairs sorted for grass and preparing for AI season.

Matt Bischoff farms in Beadle County, S.D. He submitted his report May 17.