Soybeans at Joe Stapleton Farm

Soybeans are ready for harvest at the Iowa County farm of Joe Stapleton. Stapleton plants a combination of no-till and cover crops to help reduce erosion as well as fertilizer costs.

Weather conditions have been relatively dry over the past two weeks, and the crops are maturing quickly.

We had some frost in certain areas in early September, which did ding some of the soybeans and corn that weren’t fully mature.

Harvest is just getting started in our area with some early beans being taken off in mid-September. Early reports visiting with farmers is that the bean yield is lower than what they were expecting going into harvest. Some of the yield checks are showing the corn crop is going to better than expected.

Silage for the most part is being wrapped up this week and the farmers are saying they will be able to go right into bean harvest.

Sugar beets are starting to be lifted to open up the fields. With the drier conditions this year that has helped with the process.

Crops are further along than this same time last year. Looking back we are at least two weeks ahead.

We had a number of farmers in the area that planted wheat and they planted cover crops after the wheat was harvested. With some nice rains in the past three weeks the cover crops are looking great.

The producers that flew on the cover crops are satisfied with the emergence and how they got started. We have producers getting their seed bought and drills lined up to plant cover crops after harvest.

Pastures in the area held up very well this year with heat and the moisture that we received. The rotational grazing really paid off this year, and the producers we able to get through the season without supplemental feeding.

With the earlier harvest producers will be able to get the cattle on stocks and cover crops soon.

The Minnesota Soil Health Coalition was able to have field day last week with a number of farmers in attendance wanting to learn more about how to implement soil health practices and still be profitable. We are having producers now showing profits of over $70 per acre on side-by-side conventional and soil health trials.

Brian Pfarr farms in Redwood County, Minn. He submitted his report Sept. 18.