A crop of ripe tomatoes from Bear Butte Gardens.

We have had a lot of hot and dry at the gardens the past two weeks. Not only are we watering the gardens regularly, but also the trees around the place, in preparation for their autumn dormancy cycle.

We have only had .26 of an inch of rain so far in August, so things are definitely getting a little crispy.

We had a good harvest of cherry and salad size tomatoes last week and some nice sized spaghetti squash. Potatoes are definitely finished growing now, and we are continuing our garlic harvest.

This week our big goal is to get the high tunnel greenhouse completely cleared out (except the okra) and prepped for seeding autumn greens.

We have been putting that task off due to the high heat in the 90s the past few weeks, but it looks like we can work on it bit by bit with some upcoming cooler temps.

We are also ready to sort out our broiler flock and get the first batch butchered on a cool day.

Michelle and Rick Grosek operate Bear Butte Gardens in Meade County, S.D. They submitted their report Aug. 24.