Stewart cattle

Summer calving pairs enjoy pasture conditions at the Martey Stewart place in Dixon, Neb., after a tough winter and cold wet spring in muddy lots. Pastures were looking good in the area, but some low spots were showing stress from cattle packing grass in mud

Fall showed up in northeastern Nebraska with a beautiful day, a fitting kick off to the favorite time of year for crop watcher Martey Stewart of Dixon, Nebraska.

He’s noticed a flurry of fall activity as he drives around the country side. Producers are weaning calves, cutting silage, haying and combining soybeans. He’s heard reports of good tonnage and corn yields in the silage, and the soybeans have been yielding well, too. Stewart expects harvest to be in full swing by his next report.

“Yes, it is a busy exciting time for farmers and ranchers alike,” Stewart said. “I would like to take this time to urge everyone to be safe and watch out for one another – seems as though everyone is in a hurry.”

There was rain in the forecast. His corner of the state received anywhere from 1 to 6 inches of rain in the past two weeks. Lawns and pastures greened up and continue to look pretty good for the most part, he said.

“We will need more of these days to prolong the growing/maturing season for many crops in the area,” he said.

Martey and Linda Stewart attended family day at South Dakota State to visit their granddaughter Jenna on the beautiful campus. They topped off the day with a win for the Jackrabbits football team, as well as for the Huskers of Nebraska.

They hosted family to dress chickens, with some grandkids experiencing for the first time where the chicken they eat actually comes from.

“Linda and I both have now shared this activity with five generations of our family,” he said. “Many great memories and keeping the tradition alive for another generation.”

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