Hail damaged corn

Crop watcher Renae Morog sent this photo from her son of a corn field hit by a hail storm Tuesday night, Aug. 6 between Onida and Agar in Sully County. 

Severe storms brought crop-damaging hail to central South Dakota Tuesday night, Aug. 6.

Some reported golf ball-sized hail, and the town of Burke in Gregory County had severe wind damage.

Tri-State Neighbor crop watcher Renae Morog was disheartened to hear hail damaged crops in areas west of their St. Lawrence, South Dakota, farm. Her son, Matt, who works for Midwest Co-op in Blunt sent a photo of mature corn destroyed to the stalk between Onida and Agar in Sully County.

"(It's been) such a hard growing season - to successfully get a crop in, and now this," she said.

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Janelle is editor of the Tri-State Neighbor, covering South Dakota, southwestern Minnesota, northwestern Iowa and northeastern Nebraska. Reach her at jatyeo@tristateneighbor.com or follow on Twitter @JLNeighbor