Rohrbach cattle

Jonathan Rohrbach walks with his cattle on one of his Roscoe, S.D., operation’s 12 paddocks.

Drizzly days and lingering snow drifts are causing harvest headaches in northern South Dakota.

Crop watcher Jonathan Rohrbach has been helping a neighbor cut corn for silage but had to put harvest on hold for a few days when the weather warmed and the ground thawed.

“It’s just too muddy to get around in the fields with the trucks,” he said.

There were snow drifts on the north and west sides of the fields. The Roscoe area received 0.63 inches of rain from the evening of Oct. 20 and through the next day. Another 0.10 inches came Nov. 1. There were some snow flurries and drizzle off and on in the days between.

Cooler temperatures were in the forecast for the first week of November, so Rohrbach hoped to finish to finish with silage chopping.

A lot soybeans were combined in late October. Some operations are done, and most others were expected to finish in the next few days. A few were starting to combine corn.

“They are all dealing with wet field conditions, but getting out what they can,” Rohrbach said.

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