FFA agriscience fair

Winners of the South Dakota FFA Agriscience Fair Animal Science Division 1 pose with their awards. They are winner Teagan Mason of Doland, left, second place Avery Miles of Doland, and third place Evie Gordan of McCook Central. Mason will go on to compete at nationals this fall.

South Dakota FFA students dug in for some extensive research for their state science fair projects, which they presented at the Agriscience Fair April 17.

Students presented 125 projects in six categories, and each division's winner will advance to the National FFA Agriscience Fair during the national convention in Indianapolis this fall.

The top placers in each division by category were:

Animal Systems: The study of animal systems, including life processes, health, nutrition, genetics, management and processing, through the study of small animals, aquaculture, livestock, dairy, horses, and/or poultry.

Division 1 (for 7th and 8th graders):

1. Teagan Mason, Doland

2. Avery Miles, Doland

3. Evie Gordan, McCook Central

Division 2 (7-8th grade):

1. Ryan Blagg and Will Rotert, McCook Central

Division 3 (9-10th grade):

1. Ella Stiefvater, McCook Central

2. Alexis Rahm, Northwestern

3. Sawyer Styles, Northwestern

Division 4 (9-10th grade):

1. Emma Kuhlman and Hailey Overby, West Central

2. Keighlor Nolz and Santasia Silk, West Central

3. Kody Goehring and Cole Miles, West Central

Division 5 (11th and 12th grade):

1. Hadley Stiefvater, McCook Central

2. Danielle Houghtaling, Doland

3. Amanda Wiek, Aberdeen Public

Division 6 (11th and 12th grade):

1. Christine Stoltenberg and Mackenzie Stoltenberg, Northwestern

Food Products and Processing Systems: The study of product development, quality assurance, food safety, production, sales and service, regulation and compliance and food service within the food science industry.

Division 1:

1. Carter Randall, McCook Central

2. Paul Kaffer, McCook Central

3. Jasmine Krempges, McCook Central

Division 2:

1. Aubree Kranz and Samara Wolf, McCook Central

Division 3:

1. Paige Peterson, McCook Central

2. Kylie Mcllravy, Montrose

3. Katrina Kenton, Chester Area

Division 4:

1. McKenna Sichmeller and Samantha Mallinger, West Central

2. Abby Blagg and Sophia Kaffar, McCook Central

3. Caycee Schneider and Valentina Recio, Doland

Division 5:

1. Taren Tschetter, Doland

Division 6:

1. Maleah Gordon and Kayla McAreavey, Montrose

2. Madison Decker and Kylie Uhl, Garretson

3. Mary Hoiten and Maddy Shultis, Montrose

Power, Structural, and Technical Systems: The study of agricultural equipment, power systems, alternative fuel sources and precision technology, as well as woodworking, metalworking, welding and project planning for agricultural structures.

Division 1:

1. Ethan Boekelheide, Northwestern

2. Isaak Pulse, McCook Central

3. Mason Tschetter, Doland

Division 2:

1. Landon Roling and Brode Dennis, McCook Central

Division 3:

1. Madison Stoud, McCook Central

2. Nicholas Troske, Northwestern

3. Breanna McConnell, Wall (Not Pictured)

Division 4:

1. Jacobi Krouse and Jakob Lindstrom, Montrose

Division 6:

1. Tanner Peterson and Parker Scheier, McCook Central

2. Dirby Bawek and Jaime Delgado, Doland

3. Bailee Anderson and Lily Kenton, Chester Area

Social Science: The study of human behavior and the interaction of individuals in and to society, including agricultural education, agribusiness economics, agricultural communications, agricultural leadership and other social science applications in agriculture, food, and natural resources.

Division 1:

1. Grace Stoffel, McCook Central

2. Ellie Olsen, Deubrook

Division 2:

1. Tayah McGregor and Brianna Even, McCook Central

Division 3:

1. Matea Gordon - Sturgis (Not Pictured)

2. Kayle Lauck, McCook Central

Division 4:

1. Hailie Stuck and Kiarra Stuck, Northwestern Area

Division 5:

1. Danika Gordon, Sturgis (Not Pictured)

2. Andrew Jensen, Beresford (Not Pictured)

Division 6:

1. Jessica Kott and Bailey Bosworth, Kimball

2. Emily Nelson and Cassidy Eidsness, West Central

3. Faith Weiland and Conner Thaler, Beresford (Not Pictured)

Environmental Service/Natural Resource Systems: The study of systems, instruments and technology used in waste management; the study of the management of soil, water, wildlife, forests and air as natural resources and their influence on the environment.

Division 1:

1. Jackson Grady, McCook Central

2. Kolt Koepsell, McCook Central

3. Joren Peterson, McCook Central

Division 2:

1. Jake VanHout and Jayden Doane, McCook Central

2. Michaela McCormick and Brandy Pulse, McCook Central

Division 3:

1. Megan Nash, Northwestern

2. Korbin Leddy, Milbank

3. Teryn Sparling, Northwestern

Division 4:

1. Megan Stiefvater and Ashtyn Wobig, McCook Central

2. Nate Edwards and Micah VanRuler, Montrose

3. Hailey Nix and Courtney VanderWoude, Montrose

Division 5:

1. Hunter Eide, Gettysburg

Division 6:

1. Collin Kolbeck and Trey Anderson, McCook Central

2. Megan Schoeneman and Sarah Dickerson, West Centr

Plant Systems: The study of plant life cycles, classifications, functions, structures, reproduction, media and nutrients, as well as growth and cultural practices, through the study of crops, turf grass, trees and shrubs and/or ornamental plants

Division 1:

1. Morgan Mackaben, Belle Fourche (Not Pictured)

2. Ava Sandine, McCook Central

3. Cameron Noethlich, Doland

Division 2:

1. Olivia Krutsinger and Lexie Lunders, McCook Central

Division 3:

1. Hannah Schentzel, Northwestern

2. Mitchell Vander Wal, Northwestern

3. Lauren Stiefvater, McCook Central

Division 4:

1. Zach Madsen and Bennet Sebert, West Central

2. Hallie Kueter and Katelyn Lueth, Montrose

3. Grace Harden and Jenna Lueth, West Central

Division 5:

1. Blake Pulse, McCook Central

2. Travis Sharp, Aberdeen Public

3. Emily Foiles, Doland

Division 6:

1. Kadin LaBrie and Taryn Wipf, Doland

2. Ellie Cleveland and Elise Oteri, Montrose