Vet Science winners

South Dakota Vet Science proficiency award winners were Destrie Morris of Miller, third (left), Ella Stiefvator of McCook Central, second, and winner Hadley Stiefvator of McCook Central. Hadley will go on to the national competition. 

South Dakota FFA members develop career-specific skills through their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), and the top projects were recognized with FFA Agricultural Proficiency Awards.

There are 47 proficiency areas, and the first place winneres advance to nationals in Indianapolis this coming fall.

Wildlife Production and Management

1. Ethan Cross, Howard

2. Peder Haugan, Brookings

3. Hunter Eide, Gettysburg

Veterinary Science

1. Hadley Stiefvator, McCook Central

2. Ella Stiefvator, McCook Central

3. Destrie Morris, Miller

Vegetable Production

1. Hunter Matthai, McCook Central

2. Hunter Eide, Gettysburg

3. Bailee Anderson, Chester

Turf Grass Management

1. Amanda Knutson, Centerville

2. Abby Blagg, McCook Central

3. Kieffer Klinkhammer, Howard

Swine Production -Placement

1. Cole Grasma, McCook Central

2. Dylan Waxdahl, West Central

3. Jayden Wolf, McCook Central

Swine Production - Entrepreneurship

1. Rylee Klinkhammer, McCook Central

2. Hadley Stiefvater, McCook Central

3. Abby Blagg, McCook Central

Specialty Crop Production

1. Mason Peckham, Webster

Specialty Animal Production

1. Avery Alvarado, Harrisburg

2. Hadley Stiefvater, McCook Central

3. Cooper Benning, Lennox

Small Animal Production and Care

1. Kacey Lias, Harrisburg

2. Jessica Burghardt, Howard

3. Rachel Schallenkamp, McCook Central

Sheep Production

1. Kasandra Knutson, Viborg-Hurley

2. Ella Stiefvater, McCook Central

3. Jessica Kott, Kimball

Poultry Production

1. Hadley Stiefvater, McCook Central

2. EJ Leetch, Howard

3. Amanda Knutson, Centerville

Outdoor Recreation

1. Brittany Greene, Deuel

2. Jacob Cheeseman, McCook Central

Nursery Operations

1. Beth Nagel, Gettysburg

Landscape Management

1. Riley Phillips, Chester

2. Camden Bialas, Parker

3. Trey Anderson, McCook Central

Home and/or Community Development

1. Anna Schwader, Howard

2. Morgan Erikson, McCook Central

3. Tate Johnson, Beresford

Grain Production - Placement

1. Kyle Winberg, McCook Central

2. Jaedon Wobig, McCook Central

3. Nick Ihnen, Lennox

Grain Production - Entrepreneurship

1. John Loudenburg, McCook Central

2. Sam Bender, Menno

3. Elliot Chase, McCook Central

Goat Production

1. Blake Pulse, McCook Central

2. Danika Gordon, Sturgis

3. Rachel Muth, McCook Central

Fruit Production

1. Dakota Buck, McCook Central

2. Perri Liedtke, Sioux Valley

3. Ben Olson, Harrisburg

Forest Management and Products

1. Jarret Smith, Canton

2. Caleb Maciejewski, Hot Springs

Forage Production

1. Blake Johnson, Centerville

2. Kyle Winberg, McCook Central

3. Trevor Johnson, Beresford

Food Science and Technology

1. Chrissy Masterson, Chester

2. Sophia Kaffar, McCook Central

Fiber and Oil Crop Production

1. Abigail Connor, Howard

2. John Loudenburg, McCook Central

3. Joe Eichaker, McCook Central

Equine Science - Placement

1. Grace Kock, Parker

2. Ciara Rother, McCook Central

3. Destiny Fox, Bowdle

Equine Science - Entrepreneurship

1. Hunter Haberman, Menno

2. Kayla Smeenk, Harrisburg

3. Madisen Koepsell, McCook Central

Environmental Science & Natural Resources Management

1. Kayle Lauck, McCook Central

2. Joe Eichacker, McCook Central

3. Kyle Winberg, McCook Central

Diversified Livestock Production

1. Sammi Nordmann, Lennox-Sundstrom

2. Travis Leber, Parker

3. Kasandra Knutson, Viborg-Hurley

Diversified Horticulture

1. Aaron Goodale, Chester

2. Riley Philips, Chester

3. Trey Anderson, McCook Central

Diversified Crop Production - Placement

1. Colin Kolbeck, McCook Central

2. Travis Leber, Parker

3. Jaedon Wobig, McCook Central

Diversified Crop Production - Entrepreneurship

1. Joe Eichacker, McCook Central

2. Hunter Matthai, McCook Central

Diversified Agricultural Production

1. Travis Leber, Parker

2. Trevor Johnson, Beresford

3. Kyle Winberg, McCook Central

Dairy Production - Placement

1. Brianna Schock, McCook Central

2. Zach Brown, West Central

3. Zach Fieber, West Central

Dairy Production - Entrepreneurship

1. Jordan Schock, McCook Central

2. Allie Anderson, Chester

Beef Production - Placement

1. Tyler Christensen, Beresford

2. Liberty Thompson, Brookings

3. Trevor Johnson, Beresford


Beef Production - Entrepreneurship

1. Isaac Kolousek, Wessington Springs

2. Nickolas Litterick, Howard

3. Laney Mackaben, Belle Fourche

Agriscience Research - Plant Systems

1. Connor Thaler, Beresford

2. Lauren Steifvater, McCook Central

3. Laney Mackaben, Belle Fourche

Agriscience Research - Integrated Systems

1. Paige Peterson, McCook Central

2. Madison Stroud, McCook Central

3. Kayle Lauck, McCook Central

Agriscience Research - Animal Systems

1. Sadie VanderWal, Northwestern Area

2. Hunter Eide, Gettysburg

3. Ella Stiefvator, McCook Central

Agricultural Services

1. Kristin Kotas, Bridgewater-Emery

2. Peder Haugan, Brookings

3. Jessica, Burghardt, Howard

Agricultural Sales - Placement

1. Makenzie Voss, Harrisburg

2. Kenna Kranz, McCook Central

3. Mitchell Healy, Harrisburg

Agricultural Sales – Entrepreneurship

1. Sydney Miller, Hot Springs

2. Aaron Goodale, Chester

Agricultural Processing

1. Kane Muth, McCook Central

2. Avery Feterekm, McCook Central

3. Rachel Muth, McCook Central

Agricultural Mechanics Repairs and Maintenance - Placement

1. Brady Malsom, Garretson

2. Blake Eldeen, Parker

3. Kailor Green, Wilmot

Agricultural Mechanics Repairs and Maintenance - Entrepreneurship

1. Alex Tammen, Chester

Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication

1. Trevor Johnson, Beresford

2. Blake Gessner, McCook Central

3. Kadyn Nolz, West Central

Agricultural Education

1. Hunter Eide, Gettysburg

2. Kayle Lauck, McCook Central

3. Samantha Frickson, Bowdle

Agricultural Communications

1. Danika Gordon, Sturgis

2. Kayle Lauck, McCook Central

3. Jon Akre, Parkston