Nieuwenhuis tillage equipment

Tillage equipment sits at the ready at the Kelly Nieuwenhuis farm in northwestern Iowa. 

Over the past couple weeks our farming operation completed post herbicide application on corn. We ended up not spraying all acres because pre herbicide worked so well in some fields with low weed pressure.

Our 20 inch rows are starting to canopy so that does help with repressing weed emergence.

That’s not to say spraying had no challenges. We’ve had between 1.5 to 2.75 inches of rain. Of course it’s spraying season and we live in wind turbine area. First we had high winds from the south, then cold front rolled through with 60 mph winds out of the north! Corn would enjoy a break from getting shredded from the winds. There were several farmers spraying beans recently but we decided to wait out the 90 degree temps and winds of early this week. We will probably start with beans later this week if weather permits.

We don’t side dress any nutrients in our operation during the season. We spring apply urea with a stabilizer, which has worked well for us over the years.

I took some samples of tile outlet water and will be getting them to a lab soon for testing. We have tested in past for nitrates but want a more extensive test. With our organic matter being 5.5 to 6.5, our soils hold nutrients well.

We got a first cutting of hay up this past week.

Our family had another first this past week since my father’s passing late last year. We spent a few days getting some equipment cleaned up to advertise for his equipment estate sale. He has equipment that ranges in age from the 1920s to 2014. A 1935 A JD on steel hadn’t run for about 10 years, and we had it running within an hour of starting to work on it That was a pleasant surprise.

It is amazing what a farmer who produced 60 crops over his farming career and living at same location for 55 years can accumulate over that time! It will be a tough day to watch his legacy being sold, but we know a lot of families have been through this and it’s just part of life.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and doing their best to avoid COVID-19. We have an uptick of number of cases in our county and had our first death this past week. Stay safe and healthy!

Kelly Nieuwenhuis farms in O’Brien County, Iowa. His report was filed June 15