Berseem clover is a good option to improve alfalfa stands without autotoxicity from older alfalfa plants. The light green plants in this photo are berseem clover used to renovate an alfalfa field suffering from winterkill.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting, to say the least. The calendar says July but weather is sure odd – hot, then cold and wet, and that can all happen in 24-hour day.

We are not in a drought since we have had over 6 inches of rain since the last report. The low land area we intended to hay will still be on the waiting list again. This past rain flooded the ditches which then took out the end of the drive way. Several of the roads are washed clean of the new gravel and with big wash out areas we have to lock and chain the trailer gates, as they have been known to pop open during the haul.

Carl got his fields cultivated and fertilizer was applied. A lot of the crop in the low areas sure did not need any more water.

Up the road, the potato plants are blooming looking good. The last of the rye was harvested and in before the heavy rain. Those fields that did not get harvested are laying over.

The alfalfa fields are a beautiful hue of blue, and when it dries a bit we can get in and do the third cutting. Tending to weeds is a big job, since they do so well in the rain. At least some are easier to pull that way.

Pastures are being checked and looking OK. Some of the neighbors reported their pastures are too wet and cattle are getting some hoof rot and pinkeye. Always something.

We took time to attend the northeast Nebraska tractor pulls in Lesterville South Dakota (despite a three-hour rain delay). We pulled into the dark with the assistance of the football field lights. It was quite a sight to see the fire and smoke in the dark from some of the larger tractors. We were also in Dante, South Dakota over the weekend. I am secretary for the Northeast Nebraska Pullers Association so I get to watch them all pull tractors, picups and semis. Saturday, Aug. 1, we will be pulling in Concord, Nebraska.

In our quaint little area just down the road from us we have the Spring Lake Angus Center, and this coming weekend they will have a grand opening with a band. In the spring they have their Angus bull and cow sale at the center. It’s kind of fun to have this center out here to dance, eat and enjoy a cool beverage in the open country air.

Verdigre seniors finally got to graduate last Saturday. What a year with quarantine graduations. We wont forget to soon. We had 11 of the grand kids here for a coupe of days, they love to help do chores and “talk” to all the cows and chickens and keep the cats tame. It sure gets quiet when they are gone. Blessings from the Bohemian Alps Knoxville, Nebraska!

Krista Podany and Carl Dobias farm in Knox County, Neb. She submitted her report July 27.