Flooded corn field

Water from Mud Creek floods a field of corn south of Lester, Iowa, June 30, 2018. Several heavy rains hit the area starting June 20.

In northwestern Iowa, about 80 percent of the corn was knee high by the Fourth of July, reported crop watcher Rick Moser.

One early planted field he planted April 26 was nearly waist-high before the Fourth.

Moser recorded 2.5 inches of rain in the last half of June. Some of the late June storms came with light hail. The greatest damage was along Mud Creek in the Alvord area, Moser said, but none was bad enough to cause farmers to replant their crops.

Soybeans were 6 to 9 inches tall around the Larchwood area. The Mosers had finished most of their spraying. The final tank was set to go on the soybeans July 1 before more rain hit.

In the coming weeks, Moser planned to spray the borders of his fields, applying 2,4-D from the Gator.

Work was underway at the new bin site. Crews were using an alternative Geopier foundation usually used for big buildings in large cities. It involved packing 190 GPS-placed piers with fill. Without the piers, Moser said the builders would have had to excavate 12 to 14 feet and refill the hole with gravel or clay.

“You need a good footing with so much weight,” he said.

For the July 4 holiday, he was looking forward to taking in the parade in Inwood, Iowa.

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