Kenny Weber

Kenny Weber

BRIDGEWATER, S.D. - Work has begun for crop watcher Kenny Weber everywhere except at the southeastern South Dakota homestead.

Weber said that his brother-in-law out by Gann Valley, South Dakota started soybean harvest on Oct. 6.

“They haven’t had the rains we have had by Bridgewater and ground conditions are better. The crop is still a little behind as the beans are a little wet yet,” Weber said.

As for the home operation, Weber said they plan to start harvest around Oct. 15 with weather permitting, as always.

“We are hoping the snow scare at the end of the month stays away and we pray for good weather for the folks that are in the heavy snow forecast north of us,” he said. “That is not something anyone wants when there is a crop in the field.”

Since the last report, the Weber’s Bridgewater operation has gotten an additional inch of rain. He said wind and heat would be needed to dry out the field enough for harvest.

On the plus side, the small grains and cover crops in the area have been harvested, chopped, bailed, disked, or cut for silage.

“Most of what is going to be cut is done in the area it appears to me,” he said.

Looking at the extended forecast for the area, Weber said he is hopeful that the weather will clear up after this brief cold snap on Oct. 9. As of right now, it says clear skies and sun are in the forecast for his area.

“It might be cooler than we would like, but hopefully we see the sun,” he said.

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