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    "Now and then I get to thinkin' I should quit this feedlot job. Go and ride with Buster, what's-his-name, his Texas wagon mob."

      Salesmen armed to the teeth with research trials supporting their product, special offers to entice volume buying out of season, and lunch money. 

        R.C. is an animal lover. Maybe not the kind of animal lover that the term has come to mean in this era, but the kind that requires a greater c…

          When I hear a truck pull up in front of the house and the pandemonium of dogs barkin' would wake a hibernating mastodon, I relax. It's only my…

            Corn country landscape - painted late summer - high clouds, heavy with moisture waiting for afternoon to thicken and darken and start raising Cain.

              "Do you recall using baler twine to repair some temporary break-down, hoping it will hold until the welder comes?"

                Ted and his dad needed some cows to stock their little ranch in Oklahoma, and they needed 'em right away. A local trader solved their problem …

                  "We planned on shuttle parking using pontoons and canoes / But we finally wound up asking folks to just take off their shoes." Thanks to all t…

                    A good cowboy will go beyond the call of duty and even put himself in harm's way to help a suffering beast.

                      Aunt Effie was the "Neighborhood Healer" in her community of Noble, Oklahoma. When I was visiting and scraped my arm or had a stomachache, she…

                        Wise words from Baxter Black: "You can't just set a price on someone's way of life."

                          Baxter Black expounds on the bonds between stockmen and their critters: "Then I look up to the headgate and there is that good cowman, rubbing…

                            Baxter Black tells of the gifts his father gave him: "I grew up speaking the language of agriculture. It was his language and that of his family."

                              Some cowboy poetry from the beloved Baxter Black: "If they’re only part exotic, then what’s the other part?"

                                What if Edgar Allen Poe were cloned and brought back today? He thought up depressing stories that scared the wits out of people. He'd be an economist.

                                  "It was Chuck, his nearest neighbor – did he have to call right now? / Millard took the phone and listened, 'Are you sure that it’s my cow?'”

                                    For those of you who forgot how easy it was to get started in farming let me tell you about my friend Con.

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