Krystil Smit

Krystil Smit

Fourscore years ago, I can only imagine the hollerin’ heard throughout Lyman County, S.D., when a scrappy little Jimmy Woster entered the world, demanding an audience. Eighty years later, not much has changed.

When Editor Janelle asked if I would share a funny story or two of the esteemed birthday boy in this edition, I couldn’t miss the chance to roast my dear friend and faux feuding partner of many years.

For those of you who followed the Smit–Woster feud over the years, you already know how unfair the Woster attacks were on me, and the stories of Woster are endless so to choose one or two is tough.

There are all the times the TSN editorial team has coddled him by opening a Word document on a computer for him to hunt and peck his column into. The drama only intensified the time he broke his finger and whined for weeks about his diminished capacity. Now keep in mind, he only ever used two fingers to type, so having one out of commission didn’t change a thing.

By far my favorite stories are the road trips Woster and I took to Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa, and the “contests” that we sparred over where I pretended to lose, out of respect for my elder and his fragile ego. And he’s never wasted an opportunity to offer to get his guitar, always in his trunk, to sing or entertain. Heaven help us.

I can barely scratch the surface of the list of Woster’s involvements including TSN, Avera, SDSU, SD Corn, the stockyards and leading the development of the Stockyards Ag Experience, emceeing, KELO television and on and on. If it has to do with agriculture, you can bet Woster will be there.

Yes, 80 years ago a tireless advocate for agriculture was born, and we are all lucky to know this Lyman County farm boy.

Happy birthday Woster!

Krystil Smit is executive director of South Dakota Farm Bureau and

a former editor of Tri-State Neighbor.