Woster at Clay County Fair

Jim Woster and Jerry Crew of Webb, Iowa, share a laugh at the 2018 Clay County Fair.

Dear Jim and Janelle:

It’s that time again to formally invite you both to formally attend the 2019 Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa.

Jim, I know your time is very valuable, beyond, in fact, of putting a price on your appearance. But we need you to appear at the Clay County Fair on Monday, Sept. 9. This will be a perfect day. It is officially Veteran’s Day at the Clay County Fair and they will have a lot of special activities planned, I’m sure, because you are coming to the fair.

They probably wanted to name it “Jim Woster Day” but decided on Veteran’s Day since a lot of well deserving veterans will be honored along with you. I will hang a sign in the Tri-State Neighbor booth on the opening day, Saturday, Sept. 7 to let everyone know exactly what day you will make your grand appearance.

The real kicker here is, however, that you will be needed in the Tri State Neighbor booth during your visit, so your outside appearances will be limited, unless you turn booth duties over to editor Janelle. If you let the competent Janelle take over, I can’t wait to dream up what we will tell all our readers who will be stopping to see ‘ole Woster!

I probably should inquire ... you are bringing Janelle aren’t you? We’ve had this discussion before. No, she cannot ride in the trunk of the car. No, you can’t leave her behind at a gas station along the way. Yes, you should bring your guitar. Yes, I will notify the Iowa State Patrol. Yes, I hope to have official media credentials for both of you so entry into the fair should be fairly smooth – unless you are driving and you get lost.

We’ve also had that discussion before and I have even provided you road maps in the past. Now you will have to rely on your cell phone to get you to Spencer, Iowa.

I think I have everything lined up on this end. Now you and Janelle just need to get your trip details lined up on that end. Be sure to put gas in the car. I don’t want to get a distress call from you that day.

See you Monday, Sept. 9! Can’t wait.

Best Regards for Safe Travel,


Susan Reiser is a correspondent for the Tri-State Neighbor, covering the Clay County Fair with several compelling feature stories and organizing the Tri-State Neighbor booth at the new and improved Tower Gate Pavilion building on the fairgrounds in Spencer, Iowa. Stop by and say hello! The fair runs Sept. 7-15.

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