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Soaking rain is greatly appreciated at Vos Farms

Ryan Vos

About 2 inches of beautiful rain came through southwest Minnesota, greatly improving crop conditions and farmers’ attitudes.

“It was actually extremely, extremely nice,” said Ryan Vos. “When it came down it rained Friday night, all day Saturday, and the morning on Sunday. You couldn’t have designed it any better than that. We have nice green grass now.”

After the rain, it was still possible to find cracks in the fields, he said. Some hill tops and sandy ground continued to show crop stress.

A lot of aerial spraying of insecticide was occurring. One of Ryan’s fields reached the threshold for aphid infestation, and he had the field sprayed.

The tabletop soybean fields were fully canopied.

The corn was 100 percent pollinated, and the rain should be very helpful for kernel development and fill. The corn looked even across the fields.

Silage harvest is scheduled for September.

“When silage harvest arrives, you hit the ground running and you have to have your equipment ready to go so you can get it done in a timely manner,” he said.

Another cutting of alfalfa looked very promising, too – but it wasn’t quite ready to harvest.

“We only have two cuttings in – not ready to make our third cutting yet, but we definitely want to get the third cutting done sooner than later,” he said. “We won’t get four cuttings this year – that’s just the way the year is going.”

Both livestock operations, the feeder pigs and the cattle, were doing well in August. The pigs were healthy and eating. The cattle had adjusted to the heat, and feed intakes were good. Night temperatures remained in the low 60s and comfortable for the cattle.

“That just really gives the cattle a nice time to cool down and we’re just making sure the water is clean in front of them throughout the day,” he said. “That (plus feed) is about all they need.”

Ryan and Mallory Vos decided to develop a steer calf and a heifer calf to sell at the Go-Pher Sale on Saturday, Dec. 10. The annual registered sale of the Minnesota Hereford Breeders is a highlight for the Carlson family.

Mallory will also drive over to the Minnesota State Fair to help her family with their Hereford cattle exhibits. It will be a quick trip and back home as Ryan’s brother, Kyle, is getting married over Labor Day weekend to Shanee Hanning.

“I won’t be able to go up to the state fair this year, I’ll just be hanging back,” Ryan said. “There’s always more years, always more state fairs, so we better get the brother married and get that done.”


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