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The trouble with weeds

Will Jones

Will Jones

Will Jones was having trouble with weeds, so had been spending a lot of time in the sprayer.

The trouble with spraying for weeds is sometimes, the good stuff goes, too.

Jones said he inadvertently killed off 60 acres of his soybeans thinking they were XtendFlex.

Add on discovering his tractor needs about $30,000 in repairs and it’s safe to say that Jones isn’t having quite the summer he was hoping for.

“It’s rough,” he lamented. 

His fields are also battling a lack of potassium, which he says he’s putting a lot of focus on.

The nitrogen is there, but the potassium is not, he said.

“It’s just interesting, because traditionally we would have been out there with whatever our second pass selection is and doing that. But instead, we don't really need that at all. We need potassium. So we're gonna focus almost entirely on that,” he said.

Jones said this is only the second year he’s done the tissue tests and he did more this year than last year.

“There’s definitely more willingness to throw out the book completely and the plan and go a totally different direction now,” he said.

Compared to last year, when he made little tweaks along the way, this year is a total shift. He said it will be interesting to see if his changes make a difference this year or if he did all the work and testing only to get a couple of bushels per acre.

Jones has been continuing to apply with a Y-drop on his plants to address the potassium problem.

The Sioux County area hasn’t gotten the rain it’s needed, which isn’t helping matters. He estimates getting only about four-tenths of an inch recently.

Jones said his corn has been looking good, even if the heat is tough on it. When looking at the ears, he thinks it could be 250 bushel corn. It just needs to fill out.

“Things could be going in the right direction. A little water could take that a long way,” he said.

He finished getting last year’s beans hauled to town and said there was a little bit more in the bin than what they'd planned, so he was pleased with that.

Next week, Jones plans to start weaning his calves.

Recently, the Jones family had a fun time visiting the Arnolds Park amusement park with his kids and he’s looking forward to spending time with some family that is visiting this week.

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