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    As harvest wraps up across the region, winter preparation and planning for next year begins.

    Trying to choose the right variety to plant can be overwhelming, but keep in mind a few key characteristics to look for.

      The good news is USDA’s Economic Research Service is forecasting U.S. net farm income will total $102.7 billion in 2020, up 23% from $83.7 billion in 2019. The not-so-good news is federal government farm program payments are projected to rise by 66% to $37.2 billion.


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      Blue counties got bluer and red counties got redder in the November elections, widening ideological divides as Democrats and Republicans dug in and became less likely to compromise on pressing issues in the 2021 legislative sessions, including dealing with covid-19 and budget deficits," Elai…

      Last month, two military veterans wrote to me. The first asked me to write about the origins of Veterans Day; the second professed his appreciation for living in a rural area. He also encouraged me to write about why many people in military service have rural and agricultural backgrounds, an…