CHINOOK, Mont. – As winter weather remains relatively mild for this time of year, the Crowleys at Clear Creek Angus are busy finishing up the catalog and other details ahead of their annual production sale.

Their 11th annual sale is set for Monday, March 4, at Bear Paw Livestock in Chinook beginning at 1 p.m.

“We’ve finished clipping all the bulls,” said Teddy, who owns and operates Clear Creek Angus with his wife, Sara. It was a big job with 90 registered Angus bulls in the sale.

In addition to the bulls, Teddy said there would also be 130 Angus replacement heifers, 25 F1 Baldy heifers and 12 Hereford bulls from Weaver Herefords in the sale.

Teddy talked about the upcoming sale.

“We have a really nice set of sires. That includes Connealy Jet, a really good sire, deep bodied, heavy boned and a sire that always has consistent calves. We are offering 23 sons of his. Vermillion Huntley is a new sire that has promise of lots of length, lots of bone and lots of pounds at weaning, and we’re offering 14 of his first set of calves. Mill Bar Hickock is a really good calving ease sire. If a commercial guy is looking for calving ease, we’re offering 13 of his sons,” Teddy said. “We try not to use too many sires, as we like consistency in our cattle. We will have large sire groups on sale day so potential buyers can put together sets of half-brothers.” 

Many commercial cattle customers like to see their potential herd sires up close and come early to the sale. The Crowleys plan to be at Bear Paw Livestock in the morning to showcase and talk about their bulls, and they will have hot coffee and doughnuts to keep everyone warm.

At noon, the Crowley’s will serve a delicious prime rib luncheon.

The catalog is in the finishing stages. It takes awhile to arrange the photos of each registered bull, along with all the data necessary on each bull. Testing conducted on each registered bull includes a breeding soundness exam, and new 50K genomic testing that gives commercial cattlemen/bull buyers a huge amount of genomic information on the bulls.

“We are providing customers with the results of the 50K genomic test, which we have done on all our bulls. The 50K test enhances EPDs and is equivalent to having up to 14 progeny, depending on the trait being tested,” Teddy said. “This takes much of the guesswork out of the equation. This test will also include parentage testing on the bulls.”

Teddy explained all bulls, whether purchased in person, by online, or by calling for bull assistance, and whether sold sight unseen or seen, would be sold with a 100 percent guarantee.

“If a customer is unable to make the sale, they can call us and we will assist in bull selection,” he said.

In addition, cattlemen/customers who won’t be able to make it to Bear Paw Livestock on sale day can participate in the sale by going to Northern Livestock Video Auction (, registering and bidding online.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a few heifers have started calving but it is still early. They have had six female calves so far.

“We haven’t had any problems with calving,” Teddy said.

Teddy has put out some straw for those heifers in case they might calve at night.

The kids, Kruz, Jaxton, and Kane, have been good helpers as the Crowley’s prepare for their sale. They help as much as possible around the ranch after school and on weekends.

“The boys are very good helpers around here,” Teddy said.

Kruz has been working his 4-H heifer, trying to get her halter-broke.

The boys have also just had their first wrestling tournament, and enjoy the sport.