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The Dutch Industries’ Booth at the MAGIE show last year attracted many producers.

Visiting with producers about what they need to operate their farms and ranches efficiently is what keeps Tom Wible, the north central U.S. manager for Dutch Industries, coming back to the to the Montana Agricultural and Industrial Expo (MAGIE) every year.

Wible has brought Dutch Industries tools, such as the Dutch Opener and the BioSpreader, for the past seven years.

“What I like most about the MAGIE is talking to the farmers and ranchers and finding out as much as I can about their farming and ranching practices,” Wible said. “I want to find out if I can help them with the tools we have developed for farm and/or ranch efficiency.”

The MAGIE, established in 1979, features exhibitors from Montana, the Pacific Northwest, North Dakota, South Dakota and Canada.

Dutch Industries is headquartered in Canada.

Last year, the MAGIE hosted more than 180 ag exhibitors, with exhibits inside and outside the Pacific Steel and Recycling Arena at Montana ExpoPark.

New technologies abound at the MAGIE each year, from grain bins, to new machinery in every color, crop management tools including seed, chemical and ag products, ranch equipment such as fencing and livestock cameras, solar-powered technologies, farm and ranch solutions and more.

Wible will have a special video of their BioSpreader, known as a Smart Spreader, to ranchers who stop by the Dutch Industries’ booth this year.

“The BioSpreader is a high tech vertical manure spreader that is pretty amazing. Anyone who has any kind of livestock and needs to move the manure to the fields should see what this machine can do for them,” Wible said.

The BioSpreader gives a consistent 30-foot manure spread pattern and it has the capability of a 90-second manure unload time.

“When it comes time to spread manure on the farm, producers have told us what is most important to them, such things as extreme weather and field conditions, uniform spread, easy loading, durability and long life,” he said. “We answered their concerns with the BioSpreader.”

The BioSpreader has the capability to be loaded with a skidsteer from the sides with full extensions on, and the machine’s chains are reversible.

“We have a quality, versatile machine that is user-friendly and does a very good job for the rancher or end-user,” Wible added.

Wible also brings a variety of Dutch Openers to the MAGIE, so producers can visualize the products.

Since 1984, Dutch’s seed openers require little to no soil (no-till) cultivation, saving a farmer time and resources when it comes to spreading seed and fertilizer.

“We offer a wide range of styles of Dutch Openers that put seed and fertilizer in the ground in a one-pass system,” he said.

The Dutch Opener has a vertical alignment, which allows seeds to be drilled through the top soil without the soil first being ploughed and cultivated — helping to retain the natural moisture content of the soil without any disturbance.

“Dutch Openers are high quality openers that improve yield through increased efficiency. The openers can fit on any color of drill that is used in the field,” Wible said.

Each opener offers a range of features, including roll pins for convenient tip replacement; a hardened body for improved durability; carbided sealer plates for accurate soil and fertilizer placement; and a robust design which reduces trash build-up.

“Dutch Openers can be used with dry, NH3 or liquid type fertilizers,” Wible said. “We can go in a three-quarter-inch row to a 5-inch spread or we can go from a 2-inch paired row to a 7.5-inch paired row. It all depends on the machine and how the farmers want to plant.”

Wible said he really enjoys explaining how Dutch Industries’ ag products can help farmers and ranchers at the MAGIE.

“Dutch Industries has a long history in agriculture, so we really understand farm and ranch technologies,” he said.

Dutch Industries began in the early 1930s, when Pieter Cruson started his own traditional blacksmith workshop in Holland.

In 1950, Cruson and his family immigrated to Canada, opening the Dutch Blacksmith Shop in 1952.

In addition to traditional blacksmith work, Cruson decided to provide quality steel products to local farmers. In particular, he wanted to help improve their seeding operations. Later, his son continued the family business.

Today, Dutch Industries provides products for a growing list of ag producers in more than 11 countries on six continents.

Be sure and check out Dutch Industries at the MAGIE, and don’t forget to ask Wible any questions about their ag products.

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