White mold on soybean pods

White mold infects soybeans in Wisconsin. But new research by the University of Illinois reveals the disease behaves differently in Brazil, making the strain there a possible threat to the southern United States.

Crop watcher Rick Moser hopes for a late season frost in northwestern Iowa.

Moser said that they typically will aim to harvest corn for grain at the end of September, but his field had hit the half milk line by his Sept. 9 report from his Larchwood farm.

On the soybean side, Moser said just a few of his beans are starting to turn color but a new problem has crept up in some of the fields.

“A little white mold (has shown) up over the last two weeks north of the wind protected groves,” he said.

Overall, the Moser operation saw 1.1 inches of rain and just got a waterways partially baled during a brief dry spell.

On the plus side, his grain bin has just has a few electricians finishing up and most of the crew is preparing equipment for harvest.

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