After a couple of months without help on our side of the outfit, we finally have new team members.

Back in May, I had an old college intern from Muscatine, Iowa reach out and ask if I knew of anyone looking for help. With upcoming succession separation happening this year, I was definitely looking at opportunities to bring at least one, if not two more individuals into the circus. I believe my response was ‘yes please!’

Sam and Garrett got married in September, and after a brief honeymoon, they ventured out to western Nebraska this last weekend, and on Monday started the next chapter (hopefully a very long chapter) of their lives.

I don’t think it’s any guarded secret that good help is hard to find, especially in the boonies.

I guess I don’t understand why everyone isn’t clamoring for a job here. Being outside all day, course I guess it is supposed to snow this week, so that’s fun.

Working with livestock, well minus those couple of four legged bovines that if the cattle market was a little better would be competing with the Impossible Burger.

Having the satisfaction of working long hours and weekends, and then heading home to no cell service, Wi-Fi, and Netflix.

Then throw in the lack of pay, and I don’t get why there’s not a waiting list.

Since I’m thinking about it, I guess I can’t leave out the enjoyment of road tripping an hour to the nearest grocery store, driving on roads that literally are an embarrassment, and having a UPS and/or FedEx driver that begs to leave packages somewhere else so they don’t even have to make the trek in.

At the same time, we can offer so much more in terms of lifestyle, independence, and education than most ‘normal’ working jobs, and I for one find great satisfaction in knowing at the end of the day, I learned something,

I was my own thinker, I solved some problems, and I’m feeding the world population, which I hope will also become part of their thinking as well.

It always takes a lot of planning and thought process when we bring someone new in. The first was housing. With the passing of Grandma Jane last year, we had a vacant house. It has by far the most beautiful views of any of the houses on the operation, and it’s a location that I plan to build on someday… once again knowing the markets, it may be when I retire, or die.

The Boss Man worked on fixing plumbing and installing new heaters, I worked on putting in new flooring. It didn’t take long to make a house a very livable first home for a new couple.

The next concern was busyness.

I knew I could keep one busy full time, but two, especially during our slower times, was going to be a little bit of a challenge. Fortunately, Garrett is a certified mechanic and is helping a local grower lot out in the mornings and working on the ranch in the afternoon.

All-in-all, both the Boss Man and I are super excited to work with the new charges and teach them as much as we can about our respective areas so if the cases arise that we aren’t here or have other projects to work on we know that everything is still being handled well.

Speaking of snow, it looks like Mother Nature is going to start this winter junk a little early, as we are projected this week to get a couple inches of the white stuff.

No, just please no.

There still seems to be the unending list of ground work and cattle work that needs to be completed before the temperature plummets. We are weaning at the North Place this week, pregging heifers at the Home Place, and moving cattle around to get into place for weaning at the Home Place next week.

This year at weaning, it will be a little emotional as we will start sorting cows to begin the succession process. Cows already have their own ownership, but now instead of all being ran together, they will start running on separate areas of the ranch that is also in the process of being divided.

Succession is something that you know will happen, but I think until the day that it starts to occur, might not really sink in. The new teammates and I are definitely up for the new challenge as it will be great to work even closer with the Boss Man, and the future looks more than bright.

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Jaclyn Wilson raises Red Angus cattle at Wilson Ranch near Lakeside, Neb. Send comments to her at: