Kinze 4905 True-Speed Planter

Kinze Manufacturing is expanding its new high-speed planting technology with the addition of a 16-row 4905 True Speed planter model for the 2021 season. Earlier this year, Kinze announced plans to introduce the 4905 planter in a 24-row model for 2021. Both configurations enable farmers to double the number of acres they plant in a typical day or cover the same acres in a more timely fashion.

Kinze’s True Speed system consists of a new high-speed electric meter and seed delivery tube enabling corn and soybean farmers to plant at speeds up to 12 miles per hour while maintaining precise singulation and seed spacing.

Both 4905 configurations feature easy-to-use Blue Vantage display and Blue Drive electric drive, as well as the Kinze 05 Series planter upgrades designed to increase the wear life of many components, simplify maintenance, improve performance and reduce the overall cost of planter ownership.

Both True Speed models are now available for ordering from Kinze dealers. For additional information, visit