Concord Precision Shank Drill

Concord Precision Shank Drill

WAHPETON, N.D. – What’s in a name? Quite a bit, when the name is Concord brand air seeders and carts that originated in southeast North Dakota.

After being gone for the past 23 years, the Concord brand has returned to production at the AGCO-Amity JV, LLC, a manufacturing facility in Wahpeton. Concord brand air seeders and carts will be exhibited by AGCO-Amity (AAJV) at Big Iron 2019. The exhibit is east of the food court.

“We’ll have a brand-new 51-foot precision shank drill and our 5250 cart with sectional control,” said Ben Sander, marketing manager for Concord. “We’ll have our sectional control display materials there, but of course we’re in the booth with our other brand – Wil-Rich; we’ll have a Wishek disk there, and Amity Technology is the sugarbeet equipment.”

Concord, Inc., was founded in 1977 by Howard and Brian Dahl – leaders in air seeding development and equipment. With the sale of Concord, Inc., to Case in 1996, the Dahls started Amity Technology the next day. Amity continued making sugarbeet harvesters.

In 2007, Amity purchased Fargo Products, which was started by previous Concord employees.

“They were already making air seeders,” Sander said. “That’s how Amity got back into seeding.”

Amity entered a joint venture with AGCO in 2011.

In 2017, AAJV launched the precision shank drill under the Amity Seeding Brand as a Concord Legacy edition, Sander said.

That started the reintroduction of the Concord name and this spring AAJV launched the Concord brand officially.

“The Concord name is well-respected and known for years and years,” he said. “Every show we go to, growers talk about how they are still using their original Concord.

“It’s still out there – running – and it has such a loyal following and people know and respect the name,” he continued. “Since we are pretty much the same group, we thought it only appropriate to bring that back and help capture some of that passion – to portray our passion for the product.”

Concord, Sander noted, was the first to manufacture an air drill with row-by-row packing and precision depth control. The company also was the first to put fertilizer below the seed at the same time as planting, as well as change seeding and fertilizer rates on-the-go.

All air drills and air carts manufactured by AAJV in North America will now be branded as Concord.

The Concord line includes single- and double-disc drills, air till drills, precision shank drills, and air carts with up to three tank compartments and capacities up to 525 bushels of seed.

“The precision shank drill was launched 2-3 years ago,” said Sander. “It has row units on it with a shank and has a 6-inch wide splitter that puts on 2 rows of seed. There’s an active hydraulic cylinder on each row unit to maintain pressure and trip force, but it’s a very large and beefy seeder.”

AAJV staff incorporated new technology into the seeders – section control, curve compensation, and relative flow and blockage monitoring.

The Concord 51-foot precision shank drill, displayed at Big Iron, can seed and fertilize successfully at 8 mph. Sander said that many drills of that type travel at about 4 mph for a “decent” field finish.

If things are going well, the Concord 51-foot drill operating at 8 mph can plant about 49 acres an hour. That’s similar to most 80-foot drills that can travel up to 5 mph – with 30 feet less of iron, he said.

For Big Iron attendees, Concord will display the new Heads-Up (HD) Opener option for the NT30 disc drills. The double-disc opener was developed for box drills several years ago by AGCO, and the option is available for the Concord disc drill toolbar. A wide variety of equipment will be displayed.

Concord equipment is sold and serviced through the previously established and expanded Amity dealer network, Sander said.

“We are saying that Concord is back, same group of people working on the same things and trying to take it to the next level,” he said. “The name is our legacy, but we are working toward the growers’ future to constantly improve and make farming more efficient and more profitable. We’d definitely like you to stop by and see what we’re all about.”

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