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The In-Cab Tool is now available from iTunes (iOS 1.35.9) or on Google Play (Android 1.35.9).

Farming is a fast paced, multi-faceted business that at times may seem like a logistical nightmare. Producers make decisions based on factors like weather, market prices, field conditions and soil quality. Often, the land farmers’ work can be spread out over miles, making time sensitive management decisions that much harder.

In addition, most U.S. farmers run a “mixed-fleet,” meaning they own equipment from different manufacturers. Most tractors come with interfacing technology, but if a producer has equipment from multiple manufactures or that span multiple generations, connectivity isn’t possible.

Until now.

A Manitoba-based digital agriculture company, Farmers Edge, recently released an in-field intelligence app known as the In-Cab Tool. This new technology is offered through the company’s already existing FarmCommand platform. The In-Cab Tool provides additional decision-making support, enabling producers to identify risk and maximize efficiency.

“We live in a very exciting period of time where information can travel at nearly the speed of light,” Ron Osborne, Chief Strategy and Product Officer for Farmers Edge stated. “Just knowing where the machines are or where your employees are can be helpful in making management decisions.”

When a producer signs up for FarmCommand, Farmers Edge sends out a team to perform all necessary installations. Combining technology with robust boots-on-the-ground service, workers install the company’s own telematics device, Gen. 2 CanPlug, to all the tractors in the producer’s fleet, connecting them to a single platform.

The In-Cab Tool wirelessly streams real-time data to any tablet, computer or mobile device offering both a manager or operator view. It connects to on-farm weather stations, offers real-time supply and inventory management and can provide daily field imagery. Further, the app makes available such features as automated crop health detection and equipment performance, as well as diagnostics reports.

Data can still be recorded even if the app is not in cellular range. Once back in range, all the information is uploaded onto the cloud, making it easily accessible from multiple devices.

Essentially this cutting-edge app will fuse all the information it gathers into the cab of a tractor, offering producers business intelligence and economic insight.

“Our goal is to help farmers understand logistics across their entire operation,” Osborne explained.

This expanded technology came about after it was realized most producers in North America are making marketing and business decisions while they are farming. As their tractor steers autonomously, producers often spend their time multi-tasking and the In-Cab Tool organizes critical management information in the palm of their hands.

The In-Cab Tool is merely the tip of the iceberg for Farmers Edge. Slated for future release is the implementation of CanPlug, powered Real-Time Kinematics (RTK). This technology works to correct positioning errors caused by the Earth’s atmosphere. As a leader in decision agriculture technology, Farmers Edge is dedicated to unlocking new features in the coming seasons.

The In-Cab Tool is currently being offered to existing FarmCommand customers and is available from iTunes (iOS 1.35.9) and on Google Play (Android 1.35.9).

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