SAN ANTONIO, Texas — With a presidential election in November, Chandler Goule said it’s going to be a year of likely gridlock in Congress.

But Goule, the CEO for the National Association of Wheat Growers, said that isn’t stopping the group from focusing on the legislation they want to see implemented.

At Commodity Classic in San  Antonio Feb. 27, Goule said the group’s top issue is appropriations.

“Clearly appropriations is going to be at the very top of our list,” Goule said. “To make sure we have the government, as well as the USDA and our farm bill and rural development programs, fully funded.”

Infrastructure is another key aspect of their agenda, and he noted those bills appear to be making some headway. He said it may have to pass through one segment at a time — focusing on either roads and rail or rivers and ports instead of one comprehensive bill.

“If we don’t make some significant headway on infrastructure or immigration between now and May, I don’t see anything being worked on until after the presidential elections,” he said.

Dave Milligan, NAWG president, said they are happy with the state of trade agreements right now, and noted they want to ensure crop insurance is a focus for the organization.

“It continues to be a valuable tool and was especially important last year,” Milligan said.

Milligan also discussed NAWG’s efforts for sustainability.

“We have a lot of growers that are adopting no-till,” Milligan said. “There are a lot of benefits to that. I think a lot more people are realizing that, and it’s something it’s tied into is soil health. Another thing they’ve been implementing now is cover crops.”