It is very concerning that fake science may become firmly encoded into Nebraska laws and regulations. The hysteria of urgent carbon sequestration is unfounded. The scare tactics that “time is short” assumes that carbon drives climate change.

This California article includes everything that is in Nebraska’s LB243 “Healthy Soils Task Force” which obviously has come to us out of California where they “took bold action by setting a goal for carbon sequestration” as part of their “climate portfolio” and “their natural and working lands strategy.”

The California Secretary quotes Speaker of the U.S. House Pelosi (D-Calif), who she says understands that time is short, and that action is needed.

The California Socialists need to look in their own back yard: Blatant government mismanagement restrictions on thinning, logging and grazing of Western forests and grasslands since the 1970s has resulted in huge buildups of fuels, and hot fires emitting tremendous amounts of carbon and other pollutants, with millions of animals also fried. The 2017 California wildfire year spewed atmospheric pollutants equal to 50 years of all of California vehicles. Even protected owls and their protected habitat burned.

Range magazine, published in Nevada, has excellent online articles: A Heavy Cost, (Winter 2018-19); Wildfires, (Winter 2017-18), showing the trend in maximum California temperatures is stable and declined from the 1930s; precipitation is within the range of natural variability. The climate models projecting impending doom fail to simulate earlier oscillating weather patterns, and fail to incorporate critical natural factors. The 20-30-year Pacific Decadal Oscillation explains observed climate swings along the West Coast and shows the PDO is highly significant, but contributions from “greenhouse” gases are insignificant.

The California Secretary says that the most recent California drought resulted in more than a half-million acres of farmland not farmed in some years. She fails to mention irrigation pumps were stopped because a few “threatened” (not endangered) minnows were getting into the pumps.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed two decisions issued by the federal district court for the Eastern District of California. The lower court held that FWS’ actions were arbitrary and capricious because the method was not scientifically or mathematically acceptable. The Ninth Circuit found that FWS was not required to conduct independent studies, or calibrate models. Even though the lower court’s findings were founded on expert opinions, the Ninth found that the lower court did not have the authority to consider those opinions. The ruling was a big defeat for farm groups.

In other words, truth didn’t matter. In the Midwest, government flood control is not the river priority it needs to be, but instead competes with the wild rivers “fragile ecosystems” agenda, with full or nearly full reservoirs of water and icebergs in the winter and spring.

The “Hockey Stick Graph” about global warming is fake science that even failed to show both the historically warm temperatures in 1100 to 1200, higher than today; and the Little Ice Age from 1650 to 1710 which was accompanied by crop failures, extreme hardships and starvation. (Climate Lies, by Dr. Coffman, Ph.D, Range, Fall 2017.)

The Earth’s climate involves the complicated interaction of two turbulent fluids, the atmosphere and the oceans. Compared to water vapor and clouds, CO2 is a minor contributor. Numerous climate factors offset each other, and provide climate stability. (Dr. Happer, physics Ph.D, Climate Science Fiction, Range Summer 2018)

Another excellent publication is from the Institute for Creation Research, with over 80 references, titled The Climate Change Conflict, Keeping Cool over Global Warming, by Dr. Hebert, Ph.D.

We do not need government mis-managers on our farms and ranches in Nebraska, nor on our rivers. The LB243 “Healthy Soils Task Force” to be appointed by our governor, will develop an “action plan” with “timelines” and “standards” to “speed up” the adoption of “healthy soil practices,” “capture carbon,” “reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” “expand wildlife habitat,” “protect fragile ecosystems,” then report this speedy “action plan” to the governor and the legislature for further enabling.

The plan will “identify” “voluntary partnerships” between farmers and government; but that certainly does not restrict future legislative, administrative, or judicial “crisis” mandates for this fake socialist green agenda, including “expanding wildlife habitat” and “protecting fragile ecosystems.” All of it based on the task force “action plan,” for their reason to regulate and control. LB243 says it all needs to “speed up.”

The presumption is that Nebraska’s farmers are not using “healthy” practices. This insult needlessly puts Nebraska’s farmers in a bad light defensive position. This is not about science; it is about Socialist control. Socialism isn’t always about government ownership, but it is always about government management and control.

Leroy Becker is from Elgin, Neb.

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