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    Thanks to Geraldine Childers of Gretna, Nebraska, for submitting this recipe!

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      It’s cold outside these days and our trees are still alive, they are just dormant. And even a dormant tree, still needs care during the winter…

        Never say never. The term first appeared in the Charles Dickens novel, “The Pickwick Papers,” and has certainly been a thread in recently reti…

          Thanks to Fern Wolfe of Arlington, Nebraska, for submitting this recipe!

            Elda Cunningham out of Wansa, Nebraska was the only one to guess this week, and her guess appears to be correct.

              On behalf of her father, Clarence Kaiser, Clare Kincaid submitted this photo for What’s This enthusiasts to figure out.

                Bob Rikli of Murdock may have an answer to his question as Chris Epping out of Funk correctly identified the tool as a handscraper.

                  Our next tool comes from Bob Prochaska out of David City. The 95-year-old submitted the tool hoping to get a bit more info on what it could be…

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