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Producer Progress Reports: Came Farms
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Producer Progress Reports: Came Farms

Salina, Kan.

We cut fall crops for six days in a row this past week and then the snow came in. The news said the Salina area got 7 inches. Between the weight of the snow and the high winds, some varieties of our milo are now flat in the fields. The soybeans seemed to have fared better, but we are concerned about shattering. It’s just another attempt of Mother Nature’s to thwart our harvest progress and kick us while we are down.

After the progress we made last week, we are 90 percent done with full-season soybeans and 40 percent done with double-crop soybeans. We are 30 percent finished with full-season milo and 10 percent done with double-crop milo. Of course, we finished putting in all the wheat that we had treated. Soybean yields have been very good so far and milo has done well also.

The guys will spend time servicing harvest equipment until we can get back in the fields. The forecast for this week calls for temperatures that will melt the snow and make the fields muddy again. We also have rain forecasted for next weekend, so we are not optimistic about getting back to harvesting quickly.

We have some of the cows out on milo and corn stalks and the calves on triticale. This week, we should get the rest out there. We will be watching for illness because of the drastic weather changes we have been experiencing.

Thanksgiving was short and sweet with lunch at 11 a.m. so the guys could be cutting by noon. We are very fortunate to have employees willing to work when the work needs to get done. They sacrificed time with family so that we could get as much

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